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A Few Words
About Idioms:

Glasses on Nose
Slang, Jargon, Argots, and Idioms

These are all words we use to describe special terms that seem to fall outside normal "vocabulary." Slang appears to represent locales or age groups, while Jargon is really one of the verbal tools of a profession. Argots are secret words within a select group (Goodness knows what the witches say about us!). And though business Idioms are used to represent business meanings colorfully and/or rapidly, they seem to have acceptance in all locales and across all professions.

Age and Respectability

We'll attempt to divide the Business Idioms here into Pre-2000 and Post-2000. Hopefully your paychecks will not be dependent upon your use of one or the other, but be careful. You should know how idioms are used but, like clothes, they may not suit you on all occasions. Also, idioms in any language may display the politics of speakers -- from cautious conservatives to starry-eyed liberals. You may even find some humor in those points of view.


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