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If you didn't get around to it, you can still see : Future Perfect for a Perfect Future And learn the basic decisions in worldwide computer networks in EnterpriseSolutions. To make some of your pronunciation indistinguishable from the locals, check out: Catch Those Fast Starts And of course, everyone's favorite, Triple Your Vocabulary in 5 minutes with: N2V2A . Find out how all this started: Diversity: English as a Sponge! And look back in history with 400 Words in Oklahoma

Finally, Loop Learn A Little English here! with our LoopLearning ™ where you learn as you are tested.
You can also learn about
US Intellectual Property with Loop Learning™.

Here's another rapid read you may have fun with, called MobileMagic

Also, for the literary-minded, there is a 1,500 word (advanced) BizEng Business Classic from 1899: A Message to Garcia by Elbert Hubbard. It is said that at one time the world-wide sales of this little book were surpassed only by those of the Holy Bible.

We hope to see you on these Back Pages rereading something you liked, or catching up with something you missed.

We'll bring you these and more; English with a bit of attitude because without some kind of attitude , some bit of unique personality, you might as well be quoting from the dictionary.

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