There has been an argument about advertising: Which comes first,
(1) getting attention, or (2) having something to say?

Perhaps it seems to you that we have just settled that argument. We got your attention, but now we have nothing to say.

However, in future we will have more to say. Because advertising is so important to the growth of businesses, we will examine advertising first as a part of communication, then look at it through the ages, examine it in various cultures, and in various media, starting with the small sign in front of a kid's lemonade stand...the essential Store Front.

But we begin where we started this page. How did we get your attention? Was it the man standing in the desert? Were you already looking for someone to write about advertising?

Let us look beyond humans for a moment, and colorful birds who sing songs, and flowers that bloom and smell so wonderful to bees. Maybe the universe was already built around advertising....

Please "stay tuned" because we are going to explore advertising in these pages, as an essential part of the world's business.


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